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Manufacturer and Trader of all type Fastners Tools (Cold Heading Carbide Die,Imported Thread Rolling Die (Flat) , HSS Trimimg Die , Hss Hex Punch , Hex Forming Pin,HSS Ko Pin , HSS Hex Insert, Carbide Segmaental ,Tobnic Plain & Knurlning ,Heading Punch etc.) & all type High Quality Fastners.

We are also Dealing in Imported Thread Rolling Die , Hex Triming Die , Hex Punch & Special Punches.
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We have Complete Set-up Of Tool Room With having Facilities Of Leth Machine , Surface Machine , Grinder , EDM , Punch Former , Centerless Grinding Machine , Press etc.

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“Our experience with this supplier has been nothing short of exceptional. Their wide array of fastener tools, from carbide dies to imported thread rolling dies, demonstrates a level of craftsmanship that's truly impressive. What sets them apart is not just the quality of their products but also their reliability; each tool has consistently delivered superior performance, enhancing our production processes. Their HSS hex punches and trimming dies have become indispensable assets, ensuring precision and durability in every operation. We highly recommend this supplier to anyone seeking reliable, high-quality tools that significantly elevate manufacturing standards.”

“We've relied on this supplier for our fastener tool needs for years now, and their commitment to quality remains unmatched. The range of tools they offer, including HSS KO pins, hex inserts, and Tobnic plain and knurling tools, covers every aspect of our manufacturing requirements. The durability and precision exhibited by their tools have significantly boosted our efficiency and product quality. Whether it's the heading punches or carbide segmentals, their products have consistently delivered outstanding results, making them an indispensable part of our production line. We confidently vouch for this supplier for their unwavering quality and reliability.”

“Working in the manufacturing industry demands tools that not only meet but exceed stringent standards, and this supplier has consistently delivered on that front. Their HSS hex punches and trimming dies have been integral to our operations, offering unmatched precision and durability. What's noteworthy is not just the quality of their tools but also their dedication to customer satisfaction; they've been accommodating, responsive, and always ensured that our specific needs are met. The imported thread rolling dies have been a game-changer for us, enhancing the quality and strength of our fasteners. Without a doubt, this supplier remains our first choice for high-quality, reliable tools.”

“Our quest for top-grade fastener tools led us to this supplier, and we've been incredibly pleased with their offerings. The carbide segmentals and Tobnic plain and knurling tools are testament to their commitment to precision engineering. Incorporating their tools into our production line has drastically improved our output quality and efficiency. The heading punches and HSS KO pins have shown remarkable durability and accuracy, making them indispensable assets in our day-to-day operations. It's not just about the tools; it's the assurance of consistent quality and performance that sets this supplier apart.”


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